Three sexual experiences to try in your relationship

The same sexual practices every day end up being boring. And to get out of this boring sexual routine, you have to dare new practices with your partner. What are the three sexual practices that you should absolutely try as a couple? 


The sexual spanking is a practice to be tested absolutely in your couple. It is a very exciting practice that allows you to break with the daily routine. Indeed, it has been shown that spanking increases pleasure and sexual excitement tenfold. When you spank your partner, it creates an effect similar to the stimulation of the erogenous zones. 

In addition, sexual spanking triggers the release of the pleasure hormone called dopamine. This is why during this sexual practice, the pleasure always outweighs the pain felt. However, before indulging in this practice, make sure that your partner is fully consenting. 

Role Playing

Role-playing is an exciting, entertaining and innovative practice that involves discovering your partner in a different character or role. And it stimulates a lot of desire. There are not so many rules to establish. You just have to agree with your partner on the scenario and the role that each one has to play. 

Role-playing is also the perfect opportunity to fulfill some of these fantasies. In this practice, there are a lot of role possibilities. The man can play, for example, a plumber or a policeman. The woman on her side can put herself in the role of a nurse, a secretary. The aim of the game is to end up in bed with a high degree of excitement. 

Making love for a whole day 

What could be more exciting than spending the whole day with your lover, fucking over and over again. It's a perfect opportunity to try a lot of different things. You can try new foreplay, fantasies and positions. However, you'll have to prepare yourself accordingly and find a free date for the two of you.