All about frotteurism

In the category of the most widespread sexual disorders, appears frotteurism. The rubber finds pleasure in rubbing his or her genitals on a stranger. It is a somewhat disturbing act that should be treated as soon as possible. What are the characteristics of this sexual act? 

How does frotteurism manifest itself? 

First of all, it should be remembered that frotteurism is a disorder classified as a paraphilic addiction. It is a type of addiction during which the patient feels an uncontrolled desire due to sexual impulses to feel pleasure with objects and in inconvenient contexts. The rubber, therefore, feels pleasure by rubbing his or her genitals on someone or touching them without his or her consent. 

However, to say that a person suffers from this disease, he or she must present these disorders over at least six months. The people subject to this addiction are often victims of a strong deterioration of their professional or social relations.  It is worth mentioning in particular that, in practice, the scrubber does not just touch the body of his victim blindly. He generally targets sensitive and erogenous zones. 

How to recognize a frotteurism?  

Generally, frotteurism is not a disorder that appears overnight. It starts as early as adolescence. Rubbers often have shy traits and are withdrawn. They are often frustrated by the slightest situation and develop feelings of inferiority. 

In addition, the rubbers have the mania very often to act according to their will without having the favorable opinion of their entourage. In addition, they are constantly excited and crave sexual pleasure. Finally, they have the quality of slipping into crowds very quickly and usually go unnoticed. 

Fortunately, some studies have shown that this disorder linked to uncontrolled sexual fantasies becomes less acute from the age of 25. This disorder can only be treated with a psychologist and only when the frotteur starts to feel guilty.