Dating - How can you control your sexual desires ?

How can you control your sexual desires ?

The human organism is an entity that expresses certain needs as it grows. One of these needs is sexual desire. When it takes shape in a person's life, he feels the imperious need to satisfy it. Excessive sexual intercourse is detrimental to human health. That's why it's important to be able to control your sexual desires. But how can we reduce our sexual frequency? This article sheds light on the tips you can use to regulate your sexual urge.Using the chastity cageThe chastity cage is a sexual intercourse Cage Control. It is a device in the shape of a phallus that keeps the phallus prisoner. When worn, it is no longer possible for a man to penetrate a woman, whether through the vagina, the mouth or the buttocks. The chastity cage has a padlock and a key. When the padlock is closed,...