Amber Rose

American model, former stripper, actress, socialite, recording artist Amber Rose supposedly has made a sex tape. Some people speculate it was made while she was a professional stripper. This video was released after she hooked up with Wiz Khalifa. In this video, the man who resembles to Kanye West has been featured along with Amber Rose. Incidentally, Kanye West happens to be the current boyfriend of Kim Kardashian. The video is allegedly shot in a suite of one of well known and fancy hotels in Los Angeles.

Ever since the footage has been released; it has created a buzz worldwide, especially in Hollywood. Is this the real thing? Scroll down below to see the video in question.

Amber Rose

Watch The Naughty Footage Here:

Details Of The Alleged Tape:

In this tape, Amber Rose is caught showing her stripper skills to a former lover and then she proceeds to give oral pleasure to the man. Then both of them are shown engaging in highly passionate sexual acts which include intercourse actions in different postures. The video lasts for 25 minutes, revealing all the secret skills of Amber Rose. In the middle of the video, another unknown girl comes in, who starts kissing Amber and then eventually they engage in a threesome. Though, it has created a lot of buzz for bad reasons, it is said that the video is of great quality. In this video Amber Rose is shown in various different lustful postures which make it even more sensual.

amber rose tape

Amber’s Reaction:

Though, Amber Rose, quite understandably has avoided any questions related to this sex tape from the reporters and journalists, but she has said that she is not ashamed of her past life where she did a lot of crazy things. Though, they seem to be inappropriate, which she agrees on, Amber would like to leave her past behind and look forward to a new life. The leaked Amber Rose sex tape which once became the talk of Hollywood, seem to have very little impact on the accused herself, Amber Rose.

More Scandals About Rose:

Just when the tape scandal was losing its steam, a new scandal seems to have added fuel to the fire. More than fifty Amber Rose nude photos were leaked on the internet. These snaps were clicked during a house party. In these pictures, Amber Rose could be seen in different positions; revealing her sexual desire. The photos clearly suggest that she wanted people to know about her sexual appetite and those who have seen them are of the opinion that she has passed with flying colors.

Being a model and an ex-stripper Amber Rose has always been comfortable in revealing her assets. These nude photos of her clearly suggest that she was enjoying what she was doing and unlike other leaked celebrity nude photos, here the subject seems to be much more relaxed and passionate. Nude celebrity photos are not something new in Hollywood; however, Amber Smith’s nude photos are certainly different from others. Amber Smith, being a hot and sexy lady, knowing the skills of exposing herself, has added new dimensions to these photos.

The Amber Rose sex tape along with her leaked nude photos has certainly helped in her publicity. Though, not in the best of ways, Amber Rose, has become the topic of discussion among the scandal lovers.

Amber Rose Photos Leaks:


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