What is it with these celebrities and their sex tapes?  Why is Paris Hilton famous? Kim Kardashian? Our society and it's obsession with watching other people have sex!  It just seems more taboo to watch a celebrity get their fuck on, and that's why you're probably here, right?  Lucky for you, LeakedCelebrityTape.com hosts sex tape previews of all the hottest celebrities you can find.  We constantly add new tapes as they're released, so check back often!  

One of the first sex tapes to really hit the mainstream media was Pam Anderson and Tommy back in the early 90s.  These two were not shy in the least bit.  We're talking full on hardcore sex; Pam's pussy is to die for!  The next big name to follow in Pam's footsteps was Paris Hilton.  Her last name makes her famous and well-known, but darn she is a bimbo!  Her tape, titled One Night In Paris was a huge hit in the mid 2000s.  People loved watching Paris suck dick, and her famous blowjob scene is plastered all over the internet (here too!).  Kim Kardashian had a similar story - a recognizable last name, and a desire to be famous (for fucking?).  She sought her beau Ray J out, and worked his monster dong like we all figured she could.  Vivid quickly snatched that baby up, and Kim's name quickly hit the mainstream.  She now has her own TV show, clothing line, and all kinds of drama in the paparazzi world.  

List of Celebrity Sex Tapes with Previews

Celebrities are people too, and yes they do fuck each other.  Many have filmed their fun times, and with the way technology and privacy is going... they're bound to end up flung across the web.  Once it hits, there is no stopping it!  Watch them all at LeakedCelebrityTape.com!